Our office is located within the Department of Solid Waste Management's facilities at 9031 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick 21704.

Our phone number is 301-600-2960.

Our email address is [email protected].

Five Top Tips For Recycling Right!

There's a lot of great information to be found on this website, but if there are just a few things we could make sure everyone knows, they are:

  1. Set your recycling cart out no later than 6am of your designated recycling day.
  2. Make sure it’s no more than 6 feet from the street and at least 4 feet away from obstructions such as trash cans, mailboxes or trees.
  3. Place the cart so that the arrows on the top of the lid face toward the street.
  4. And, of course, please fill it with the right kind of materials, but...
  5. ...Don't set your recyclables out for collection inside trash bags!

So, what would you like to do, now?